Professional residential and commercial networking & IT, smart home automation, and surveillance camera consulting & installation. 

Tech Out My House provides technology consulting to connect homeowners and businesses to today's tech and make it simple to use. From simple fixes like Wi-Fi dead spots and Internet speed improvements to advanced networking setup, cloud data storage solutions, smart home automation and more, our service exists to advise and implement the latest and greatest tech that will make your life easier. 

Our approach is completely custom and white-glove, beginning with a consultation to discover what your goals are. From there, we'll compile custom recommendations including product suggestions, an installation plan, and an education plan for the end user to understand exactly how to use the new technology. 

We live in a connected world where technology advancements occur in a matter of months, not years. We'll ensure your home or business is fully connected with future-proof IT, smart home or security camera solutions that are installed and maintained properly.


Which describes you?



Looking to improve your home Wi-Fi, cover dead spots and fix low internet speeds?

Want to improve connectivity around the outside of your home?

Interested in home theater installation, surveillance cameras and audio/visual systems?

Check out what we have to offer homeowners to increase connectivity.



Need help creating or updating a private or corporate network,  or setting up VPN access? 

Interested in commercial surveillance cameras and audio/visual systems?

Looking to set up a Wi-Fi network for a guests or a temporary setup for events?

See what we have to offer for commercial properties like yours.


Starting from scratch or flipping a property and looking to set it apart from the rest?

Looking to have your property connected and ready to go with full-coverage Wi-Fi, security cameras and multi-room audio? 

We have lots of insight to help property management companies, builders, contractors, and property investors like you get the most out of your investment.