Commercial solutions for commercial property owners, managers & more.


private/corporate network

Guest Wifi

Custom Camera/NVR Builds (onsite or remote setup with web training)




VPN access

comes w/ continuous support (service plan or retainer)

event mobile deployment - wifi for events



  • one room office to multi level office space to water parks we can cover all networking needs
  • Indoor and ourdoor wireless access points
  • high client density options available (lots of people in small area EX. movie theater)
  • Have a public space or will you have guest on site? Let set you up a Guest Wifi to keep your data secure
  • Point to Point (PtP) wireless network bridging (detached building that needs network connection, tool both that needs internet for sales...) 
  • Network drops available in Cat 5e and 6, plus special order
  • redundant backup solutions - ever lose your data
  • off site backup solutions - plan for the worst hope for the best aka. fire or worse to data storage
  • remote access to files from home or satellite office (VPN)
  • File storage and access options ( NAS - Network Attached Storage)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) install - dont let the power going our stop you. We offer surge and battery backup options so you never go off line
  • Need to run a service 24/7 365 days a year? Let run a server. 
  • (i have pics of products to add)



Commercial cameras

  • Scalable IP camera solution with on site and remote view. Available app on IOS and android
  • video monitor install for live feed view
  • indoor and outdoor cameras
  • start with 1 and have room for more cameras later
  • 24/7 and motion recording available to fit your needs
  • Multi User with custom viewing rights per user
  • (i have pics of products that can be used)