Commercial solutions for small to large businesses.


Give your clients the best connected experience with our networking and audio/visual enhancements, and keep an eye on your space with our commercial surveillance camera setup. 

Our commercial solutions are entirely custom and the sky is the limit on what we can offer, so contact us to put the wheels in motion on your initial consultation so we can understand your goals. From there, we'll build your custom plan, which will include:

  • Product proposal with tiered options based on budget
  • Installation details and timeline
  • Education plan so you're in-the-know from start to finish
  • Optional continuous support including monitoring service beyond installation to ensure all networks and tech installed are fully functional and stay that way 

View our commercial solutions:

Networking & IT Consulting for Businesses

From one-room offices to multi-level office buildings to public spaces and recreational facilities and much more, we offer networking enhancements like:

  • Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage improvements with high client density options available to support spaces with many users 
  • Event mobile deployment to provide Wi-Fi coverage for temporary purposes like large events
  • Guest Wi-Fi setup to keep data secure and separate from a private/corporate network
  • VPN setup to allow remote access to files from another location
  • Point to Point (PtP) wireless network bridging to cover internet service across multiple buildings
  • Backup solutions to ensure you never lose your data
  • Network Attached Storage options to store data in your own personal cloud
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply installations with surge and battery backup options to keep the fire burning even if you lose power

Commercial Audio/Visual & Automation Consulting

Offices, restaurants or bars and meetings and event spaces all require an enviable audio/visual setup. We can provide audio/visual enhancements like:

  • TV installations with structured wiring to hide unsightly wires 
  • Projector mounting and installation to enable seamless connectivity for corporate or event presentations 
  • Multi-room audio configuration to control music from room to room

Commercial surveillance Camera Installation

Be the eye in the sky and protect your space with our commercial camera installations. Not only does our future-proof approach allow you to view live or past footage on the go on your own network, but your plan will also be scalable so you can increase camera coverage as needed.

We'll deliver enhancements like:

  • Scalable IP-based indoor/outdoor camera installation and configuration with onsite and remote viewing on desktop or your iOS or Android smartphone 
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) setup to store secure video footage
  • Video monitoring installation to enable live feed view
  • 24/7 and motion recording available to fit your needs
  • Multi-user configuration with custom viewing rights to control different access levels as needed



All of our solutions are completely custom and begin with a consultation to identify goals and budget. After the consultation, work will be billed at an hourly rate plus product costs within the tiers we establish together. Ongoing network monitoring service can be included as an extra subscription. 

Commercial consultations can be virtual or onsite.