Residential solutions for homeowners.


Let us help you redesign and enhance the connected experience in and around your home.

From better connected indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi to whole-home audio/visual solutions to cameras and monitoring systems, our tech enhancements for homeowners will keep you from banging your head against a wall when your current tech isn't functioning properly. If you spend a lot of time in your home, you should be able to connect, live and entertain like a boss. If you don't? Then you should be able to keep tabs on your home without stress.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Our residential solutions are entirely custom, so give us a shout and we'll flesh out your goals in your initial consultation. From there, we'll put your custom plan together, which will include: 

  • Tiered product recommendations based on budget
  • Installation details and timeline
  • Education plan so you're super comfortable from start to finish

View our residential solutions:

Residential Networking & IT Consulting

Networking is more than just a simple Wi-Fi connection. Most products on the market now are Wi-Fi connected from hot water tanks to washers and dryers to Smart TVs. Your standard Wi-Fi service can become bogged down very easily with so many devices connecting and streaming from different parts of your home without the proper infrastructure. 

We can help with networking enhancements like:

  • In-home Wi-Fi dead spot coverage to ensure consistent connectivity and speed from room to room
  • Automated lighting and thermostat controls to keep your home comfortable around the clock
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi coverage perfect for detached garages, large yards, around decks, porches and pools
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) setup to store data in your own personal cloud
  • Streaming solution installation so you can binge-watch Netflix, Hulu & more via a media server like Apple TV or Amazon's Fire Stick

Audio/Visual & Home Automation Consulting

Manage your home's lighting, appliances, music and more with just a few touches so you can up the ante on the audio/visual connectivity and automation in your home.

We can provide audio/visual enhancements like:

  • TV installations with structured wiring to hide unsightly wires
  • Indoor in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to put the cherry on top of a coordinated visual experience
  • Outdoor speakers to enjoy music around your outdoor entertaining space
  • Whole-home audio to control music and more from room to room
  • Automated lighting, thermostat controls and other appliances to save on energy costs and feel stress free while you're in or away from home

Residential surveillance Camera Installation

Gone are the days of asking someone to keep an eye on your home while you're away. Check in yourself with residential cameras and monitoring.

Our residential camera solutions can include:

  • Hardwired or wireless camera installation with proper setup to avoid bogging down your existing wireless network
  • Capabilities to store secure video footage and view live or past footage anywhere at any time on your desktop or smartphone
  • 24/7 and motion recording available to fit your needs


All residential services begin with a 1-hour consultation to identify goals and budget. Residential consultations can be virtual or onsite.

Pricing for the job is typically invoiced at our hourly rate. Package options also exist depending on the amount of work to be completed.