Making Today's Technology Simple

My name is Christopher Zech and I'm a technology-lover and problem-solver to the core. Wiring, electricity and technology are all passions of mine, all honed through self-study and my professional career in the security and home automation vertical. 

Tech Out My House is my brainchild -- a natural progression for me to not only provide technology consulting, but also implementation.

Technological advancements used to happen once every few handfuls of years; now they happen several times a year. To keep up and ensure that you have a setup that will work for you, you need a thoughtful plan. And that's where Tech Out My House comes in. 

Whether you're a homeowner, a commercial property owner, contractor, property manager, or investor, Tech Out My House has the tools to be able to create a customized connected experience, implement it, and educate you on your value-added tech.